We woke early-ish, ate oatmeal provided by our Airbnb host, and headed to the ferry. It was literally minutes away on our bike and through a funny old door in a huge wooden wall. Our host said it was like the wardrobe door in the Chronicles of Narnia, and it was! One side was old houses and natural landscapes (forest, wildflowers, etc.), and the other side was 12 lanes of pavement and cars headed for part of their 7:20 AM commute via a big ferry. There was only one other bike, a couple of motorcycles, many many cars, and at least one double decker bus! The ferry ride was about an hour, and we sat comfortably on the passenger deck, using the free wifi and eating our chocolate croissants we bought on board.

We were then in Aarhus, which seems like a cool, very old city (that we wish we had time to explore), but we pedaled on. The weather really was perfect, just a nice breeze, perfect temperatures, sunshine, blue sky. We rode a little over 75 miles today. Our legs are feeling stronger. Some of the ride was on busy roads with no shoulder ☹️ but the drivers were nicer and more careful then in Iceland. Those roads made us especially grateful for some particularly beautiful bike paths we also had today! Hurray for bike paths!!

Food was mostly grocery store stops, but we found some extra yummy stuff. The food in Denmark seems to be more expensive than what we found in Sweden, but it had been easy to find. Unlike Iceland we don’t have to plan too far in advance.

We are in an Airbnb in a city called Aalborg, and we got in late enough that we haven’t explored it much yet, only enough to buy a few groceries in passing. We did find the LDS meetinghouse where we’ll go Sunday. It looks like a cool city! We love the architecture. We are on the middle of downtown and can hear everyone enjoying the night life down below. We are in a nicely renovated top-floor flat in quite an old building. We had a few glitches getting into the building, but a few sets of residents were very kind and friendly and helped us out. Showers felt great as always. There is free laundry in the old basement! Much needed. We didn’t have detergent, but washing our clothes without saying will still make them much cleaner and more spun dry than a rinse in the sink. There is a place to hang dry in the basement too. We had a simple quick dinner of fresh strawberries, stir fry (frozen) veggies, rice, peanuts, and chocolate ?. We will finish hanging our laundry, put in our earplugs, and sleep well. Oh! Another plus: we can store the bike in the locked basement too.

Saturday and Sunday are off-bike days, and we have some good stuff planned! Then we will be peddling again on Monday morning. We also hope the rest will be good for my ankle. It is doing all right but could use some love and rest.

This is awesome!

[embed-google-album src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1C62tVnzaVCigutxUcnWD7odRo1wkJEQG-ajBn9iOWKbumIz371AIh-mW6CTpoEvhk–L8yYlD1TNWhkOEjA3ypIl0hEGW-JLYQGSNLBwWHPwCWgxakjTasoM3NBa7T8CC4Pxikmswc” click=”https://photos.app.goo.gl/m7HMwetnf9ETjBQ5A” title=”Ride to Aalborg”]

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