We left our Airbnb and kind host in Værløse for a 55 miles ride to Sjællands Odde where we had booked an Airbnb near the sea. Based on our Monday night experience of finding it difficult to get a place to stay we booked this room a day early, not knowing if we would make it to the last ferry crossing in time to make it on the last boat to Aarhus. We were overly conservative and made it with 3 hours to spare. We could have easily made it across and made further progress, but it was a unique place to stay and Natalie’s ankle injury from last year has returned so we are trying to find ways to take it a bit easier. We resolved to stop early and start early the following day.

The ride was beautiful with two ferry crossings. We weren’t sure how these would go and almost took a less scenic route to the south, but are glad it didn’t. At the first ferry crossing the ferry was just pulling out when we arrived, and they came back and picked us up. That saved us about 30 minutes which allowed us to make it to our second crossing in time to catch that ferry which left about 20 minutes after we arrived. That saved us an hour. We were grateful for a simple act of kindness that saved us so much time.

Riding out of Copenhagen was normal big city busy with way too many stops for traffic lights. After about an hour we had cleared the city and spent most of our time riding in the country or through small towns.

Our Airbnb was a place called Ydreland (look them up on Instagram #ydreland.) The house was adjacent to the ocean so I (Pete) took the opportunity to jump in. It was a tad cold out, so I shivered until a warm shower rescued me. The host, Maj, was exceptionally fun. She is an artist who makes sculptures out of trash collected from the ocean and other sources. We had a nice dinner with her and a long conversation.

[embed-google-album src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/hiSW57rSU6ySl6eY-jS–YLLDlmiMXuFS_dgmunyny-6xpq4dK-cTCI3VskFrgQD1Fe82h2S4Db1CqZ1cnZefEWMZXrcvnPDGNeJMd4CUUuHng_nlB1dlgEr5W75o9SaI1Zz-DfNO1o” click=”https://photos.app.goo.gl/2B2y86arEXcfo3xs9” title=”Final day on Sjælland”]

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