On our first rest day (Saturday) we took a day trip out to Skagen and Grenen. The train station was just minutes by foot from our Airbnb so that was nice, and we stopped at a delicious bakery on the way! Even better! Skagen/Grenen is a really cool site, the most northern point in Denmark where the North and Baltic Seas meet. That meeting creates a big sand dune from the beach out to sea, and it also makes a series of waves crashing into each other in a line out to sea. The day was perfect weather except for a very strong wind, but we survived (it was a good place and time not to be on our bike.) We ended doing quite a bit of walking, from the little town out to the site, so we were glad for the good temperature. It is so nice to walk along the beach!

We are on the train now, back to Aalborg. We plan to stop at a grocery store to grab some things for dinner and then head back to the Airbnb. We have had several late nights and we need to get more sleep. We tend to be sleeping well but not enough on this trip, so we hope tonight will be different.

Good rest day!

[embed-google-album src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/MW6VG9Clvpq64iRoPOyTDFtQoGkJF4g-qrhxg6C7RF3rl7GWebEwmLGSguTq1jL3HTkq9Wwmu0mVZjb_75kd63XLzjzmj4mKv3n-s5d4XiWFhtMd288AXtRGAa6zsZARoFxkch5LrO4” click=”https://photos.app.goo.gl/PgjcwtceZU63CrJHA” title=”Skagen rest day”]

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