Redneck neckrest

Natalie wanted a neckrest. She needs one in Church too.  The bike has her laid back at an angle that requires exertion to hold her head up straight. Same problem in Church, just not so much… I started searching for something specifically made for a recumbent hard-shell seat. Most were over $100, some far over. Most didn’t look that great. I didn’t know if any of them would fit her seat. All would require me drilling holes in the seat. So I released my inner redneck:

Spatula ($5.99 at Smiths)


Golf club covers ($22 for 4 on Amazon – and I was able to match the color to the bike… I have a few left over so I will check on mounting one in her pew at Church.)


Super Velcro ($5.49 on Amazon for two small strips – slightly cheaper at Lowes.) This stuff isn’t velcro, but it is a similar concept, just far more robust. But $5 for about 4 inches? Sheesh.


I finished the job with some foam padding from the garbage and some duct tape (to hold the foam in place under the golf club cover.)

Here is the finished product (total cost a little over $30.) We’ll see if it stays on…

Finished product

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