Today we had a slightly less than 40 mile ride to Matt and Jessica’s house in Bitburg. Much of it was in beautiful forest trails. It was slightly uphill with about 10 climbs of significance. We got off the bike and pushed a few times. The weather again was cooler and cloudy until later in the day.

We had one route planning error where we ended up at a large bridge which had been washed away. In hindsight we could have just asked Matt about it and he would have told us of the problem and the best way around it. Instead we rode to it, and instead of backtracking we rode to Erdorf and then up and over a hill, which was painful on our tired legs. We ended up pushing up much of the uphill. Gratefully it was near the end and we had a lot of people to look forward to being with, which made it worth the effort.

We now get to spend the next three days here enjoying Matt and Jessica’s family.

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