Our last day in the Kansas City are was a nice relaxing one. We woke up early and went water skiing with Zack, Mary, and Eliza. They are all amazing water skiers. It was beautiful glassy water and such a great way to start the morning. We ate breakfast, then headed over to visit with Dan, Hannah, and Jo. We loved visiting with them and getting to see their home. Dan was especially proud of his garage. He let me (Pete) try his motorized skateboard. Let’s just say that didn’t work out the first try very well. The board went fast, but my body stayed in the same place, with no feet. I hit the ground fast and hard, but fortunately with only a bruised ego. We went out to lunch with them and ordered our normal cycling portions. The gentleman behind the counter suggested perhaps we’d ordered too much food. When the plates arrived, we realized he was  correct. Luckily we still had our cycling stomachs and were able to polish off almost everything we ordered. In the afternoon we went to the home of our good friends, the Messners, visited with them through the evening, and stayed there overnight. It was so good to reconnect.

Today we are driving to meet Sam in Colorado Springs. There we will trade trucks. We’re getting the old GMC back, and Sam is getting the Honda. We are looking forward to some time with him before heading back to Utah. It will be nice to be home, and back to our normal lives, but we will miss this a lot. It is so nice to be able to focus on each other and spend time with each other without all of the normal distractions surrounding us. We’re not sure what our next bike adventure will be, but we already look forward to it!

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