We’ve been going stir crazy waiting for our bike. It feels so great to finally have it again. Typically on these long trips Sunday is a full-on rest day. Today we needed the opposite. We walked to a small church near where we are staying and enjoyed worshipping with those who live here. Even though we didn’t understand everything said, enough of the service was familiar to us to be meaningful.

After church we headed back to our Airbnb and made a large lunch, which we topped off with a bag of microwave popcorn. Then we decided to stretch our legs on our bike and ride to the ocean. We rode about 30 miles, mostly on paved trails and asphalt, but true to form, ended up on some dirt roads and single track. It is an amazing experience to be riding down unknown trails far from home and just hoping the GPS isn’t playing games. I’m not sure what algorithm our routing software (komoot) uses when choosing a path, but with few exceptions it has almost always worked well for us. Today’s little ride was exceptionally beautiful – or maybe it was just that it felt so good to finally be riding. We found one especially amazing remote beach at the end of a dirt path.

Now we are winding down and packing for tomorrow. We are anxious to get some miles toward Copenhagen. Natalie’s birthday is Wednesday and we hope to spend at least part of the day there. We haven’t yet figured out where we will stop tomorrow, so we don’t have accommodations arranged for the evening. So far there seem to be plenty of options, so wild camping may not be required.

[embed-google-album src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/2RrjBgZuhBfTNHry_245-RP8FTRdgHSd3a0-fWU972Dz_PT7zKewl1_An9KtvS7L7LNkLFiovPLtDPfDOylUZrLUZk_s95D4NjmHH1iL0oK5_v0JRziGGMqK-8LDvHjk9eQifS8fW-c” click=”https://photos.app.goo.gl/cNvWFum3Y54fRQH87” title=”Sunday”]

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