We arrived in Gothenburg yesterday on schedule, but our bike and checked panniers didn’t. Natalie thinks our bike wanted to party in Paris and missed the flight on purpose. Hard to fault the bike for having the celebratory spirit when in France. Now we are spending quality time on the phone with Delta and Air France trying to find it….

We were able to find a cozy Airbnb close to the airport. Uber filled the transportation gap left by our wayward bike. On previous trips our first day has always involved a long ride, which may have made it easier to sleep on the first night during those trips. Neither Natalie nor I slept very well last night due to jet lag. The Airbnb was very comfortable, and our hosts were delightful, friendly, and helpful.

Today’s plan is a bit up in the air. We are at the airport now but waiting here isn’t going to speed the arrival of our bike, so we may find a place to store our luggage and head into Gothenburg and attempt the normal tourists approach to a vacation.

We hope we can be riding by tomorrow.

Update later in the day: The airport notified us they have located or bike boxes and they should arrive tonight!

[embed-google-album src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/VkiNoK4cZMeBbhtmE3iQJwpp1awK3Ck_QngMavCKmgOk4vKFmiBH3wBvoWdfvIZEGorUeEy0V5cjVWGcciIAW_mjHuukfTeu66jHn5vVt4nffwwqXY4qgf-3CTN_aDCLp3COamYjrCk” click=”https://photos.app.goo.gl/BADdScJ1o7NBv7kL7” title=”Airbnb near Gothenburg”]

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